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I thought that I would start out my blog with an issue which is becoming more and more acute in our everyday life.

The fear of moving forward & openness to change

Do you feel stuck and are constantly going round in circles?

I am fully aware of this feeling since this has happened to me a few times now.

Are you afraid to take a stance and move forward?

The proportion of people feeling like they are stuck in a rut is becoming more and more of an issue. Why is this?

1. Lack Of Engagement Can Play A Considerable Role In This ‘Stuck In A Rut’ Feeling

In life, we must be constantly thinking of ways to better ourselves and keep moving to avoid disengagement. I very much could say that this was a key issue in my own lack of movement. If you are struggling to enter a specific industry employment-wise then it’s worth looking at other opportunities for now and slightly change your route.

2. Fear of failure 

Any negative past experiences which have affected you may make it more difficult for you to move forward. I can comment on this from past experience. Experiencing knock-backs can interfere with your confidence and self-esteem. Job rejections can be taken very literally but it’s important to not take this to heart. If an opportunity has not worked out the way you have wanted it too then this can demotivate one to try again.

3. Unable to accept oneself

Accepting oneself is actually an incredibly important part of moving forward with your life. We as human beings tend to be quite critical of others and also ourselves. When we have been faced with a challenging time this can affect the way we look at ourselves. The kinder you are to yourself then the better others will perceive you and vice versa.

This refers back to the journey of getting to know yourself. If you are unable to accept yourself then you can potentially make the same mistakes again. A notable experience would be with relationships. Do you find yourself attracting the same type of man or woman? This could all come down to how you view yourself. I have struggled for a very long time with this and I am finally seeing beyond this.

4. Positive mentality

This is key towards new beginnings as we need to gather all the strength to help us stay on track. When we feel helpless & confused that it can be challenging to change our mindset into positivity. Once you start moving and you see results then you will start believing in yourself. I find that taking up a sport, for example, can really boost positive thinking!

5. Wallowing in self-pity

We tend to get caught up in our situations and end up feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t know which direction to take. This so- called “wallowing in self -pity” will not help us to move but instead just contribute to the continuous stagnation we find ourselves in. We also become too affected by other people’s opinions which slow us down even more.

6. Taking Control Of Your Life

The moment we lose control of our lives, the more we find ourselves drifting into an abyss. I have identified this in many people and also at one point in my own life.

How can I take back control? Reassess your life and look at all of the issues you are experiencing and start thinking of ways to slowly regain control.

7. Surround Yourself With Positive People And Activities Which Make You Truly Happy

In the process of rebuilding your life, it will make a huge difference to be surrounded by people with positive energy. If you find it difficult to meet people then take up an activity which can take your mind off the difficulties and frustrations you are dealing with. From experience, I have always found myself dwelling in negativity which only amounted to more sadness rather than happiness. I must admit, the moment you move away from this negativity, a huge weight feels lifted from your shoulders.

8. Be Open To Change

For a lot of us when we hear or read the word “change”, this can be conceived as rather daunting. What does change mean for you? Change can turn out to be something for the better. Whether you are opting to change yourself or to take a different career path, it’s important to be flexible when you start this process.

9. Perseverance And Determination

These qualities can make a significant difference in turning your life around. During difficult times, we all hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel straight away but this may not always be the case. So some perseverance and determination are greatly needed.

10. Other’s Perceptions And Seeking Approval

Do you really care what someone may think of you? Does their opinion affect you from going after what you want? The majority of the time, these opinions really hamper the progress of our lives. I have been greatly affected as well and this has slowed me down because I cared so much about what others thought of me. This comes down to the fact that I was constantly seeking approval. In life, there will be countless occasions where people will try to belittle us and our future goals. Even for me with pursuing this blog where I felt I was not worthy enough to write. The people who offer unappreciative comments are the ones who are caught up in their own stagnations but don’t let this be you!

All these factors above can be used as a guide if you are going through times where you feel stuck and confused. After all, you are not alone here. Shall you still feel confused then you can contact me for a consultation!


By Caroline Peart

(All rights reserved)

Image Source: blogs.massaudubon.org


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