Learn To Appreciate Life More


Just sipping on my coffee whilst I am about to inform you all of this unfortunate event which happened to me not so long ago. We never know how long we will have access to our hands and legs and feet for. We tend to take advantage of that without realising what this really means. You could wake up one day and take the wrong move and it could all be over.

Over a week ago now, the fridge in our place was unhinged and we had to carefully open the door and then put it back on the hinge. I had an encounter where I opened the door and the fridge bounced off onto my foot and on my toe. My toe took a beating and swelled up and eventually turned blue. The interesting point is that during this incident, my mind was focused on something else and it’s amazing how our minds cause us to do these things.

It was actually the next morning on Monday where I saw that my toe looked blue and sleeping at night was so uncomfortable because I could feel all the pressure go down into my toe. I was leaving for Paris and I managed to make it to the train which I have no idea how but I made it. It was the determination to get to my destination and to overcome the pain.

On Tuesday, I woke up with this excruciating pain and I was with a friend who suggested for me to visit her Godmother for her to assess my toe. Before we met with her godmother, we attended the pharmacy to get a diagnosis. It was incredible, these pharmacists could not care less about the wellbeing of their customers. We left shortly after.

The Godmother of my friend, was so knowledgeable and helpful in this situation. She recommended for my toenail to be drilled and drained. I was prescribed with painkillers. Then I visited another friend whose mother is a podiatrist. His mother took one look at my toenail and instantly knew the best ways to deal with this. Here we go to the not so pleasant details, so anyone who is not comfortable with blood, should stop reading now! I am sitting in my chair and she starts to drill into my toenail and this is really painful but I knew I have to survive this because it will improve. Once the hole was drilled, there were two bleeds. Shortly after, I could feel a sense of relief and the pressure had dramatically reduced.

This leads to me to aspects of how we don’t realise that there are people who genuinely care and will help us when we are in need. My advice is when you find yourself in difficult times to not forget that you are not alone and you do have support in the world. I feel we start to realise this more when we are faced with a situation where we are placed in a position of reaching out for help. I am attaching some tips below, which can help you on your way to appreciating life more.

Write down some of the happiest moments you have experienced so far.

This will reinforce the way you see your life more clearly.

Keep note of all the things you have done in your life so far which you are grateful for. For me, this was being surrounded by people who care, given a home and choices.

Practice gratitude with your family.

This is important as your family have raised you to look at life in a certain way and appreciate what they have taught you. Their values and what they have given you from an early age. I appreciate that I grew up with a roof over my head and was given food and love.


I touch on education as people do not realise that education does give you choices and broadens your way of thinking. There are people out there in this world who dream of studying but cannot because they lack the financial means to do so. To whoever is reading this, realise how fortunate you are.


Opportunities to make mistakes, which make you stronger. We tend to forget that these experiences shape us to be who we are. Appreciate when you make a mistake as it only helps you on your way to becoming more aware.


Having access to books to help us learn and understand ourselves better. If we did not have access to books then we would be missing a substantial learning part of our life.


Being exposed to receiving and giving love. Learning this is crucial and appreciate that you were given the chance to receive and give love to others. I know I am because I have learnt so much about the right ways in which we give love.

Waking up each day.

Given the option to see the morning every day is an amazing feeling. We do not realise when we are feeling down that another day is on the horizon and you can look forward to this.

Feeling alive.

Appreciate that you are living and to enjoy your life as much as you can!

There are so many feel-good aspects to consider in your life but I will give you the opportunity to identify these yourself and to also take note of when you are feeling down.

When one day does not work there is always tomorrow!


By Caroline Peart

(All rights reserved)


Image source: http://66.media.tumblr.com/





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