We Meet People For A Reason And What Do They Teach Us About Ourselves?


The past few days have been a real turning point for me and I have learnt a number of valuable life lessons. I guess we all interpret the meaning of life lessons very differently.

This can only be seen as something positive not negative.

I have made some major life decisions recently. On Monday, I moved out of my place and parted ways with someone who I had spent almost 3 years with. This was quite a nostalgic moment when he dropped me off with my 2 suitcases and drove off in the other direction. I actually wonder how he was feeling at that point in time. My next destination was a hostel where I would stay till Monday and go overseas. This takes me back to my backpacking days. It is amazing how we get used to a certain way of life. When I arrived at the hostel, I did not quite know how to request a room. Anyhow, I got there in the end.


Referring back to Monday, we parted on amicable terms. This relationship has been one of the best of life’s learning curves I have experienced in a long time. I guess the greatest achievement for me was identifying what I wanted to do with my life. After years of searching and countless mistakes (which don’t forget is all experience and shouldn’t be seen in a negative light) made, I found my calling. Always remember that after years of pain comes sunshine and peace. Do note that if you share these emotions, you are not alone here.


As I mention in the title, why do we meet people for a reason and what do they really teach us? You may have shared a moment with someone, which lasted for 5 minutes, an hour, 5 days, a year and so on. Whether this was an experience which was long lasting or not does not truly matter, because you will thank the other person sooner or later for what they may have taught you. In all of my past relationships to date, I identified aspects of myself that I may not have ever noticed if I hadn’t met those people. The person I parted ways with was unwittingly the best teacher I ever got to know. He challenged me emotionally. If I had to compare my journey it would have been like a yellow brick road type scenario where I was trying to reach the emerald city. I will leave the visuals with you all but I think you will be able to relate to this.


We do not always remember the ones who actually encourage us to look at ourselves and reflect on our lives. I will give you all a few minutes to take a moment to think of any events where you have met someone and learnt something about yourself, which you had never thought about before. Then write down any events which come to your mind. This will help you to identify the life lessons which you have experienced so far.

A day after we moved out, we were asked to clear out the garage as we left some furniture in there in the hope that new tenants would take ownership of it. After researching different rubbish removal options, one of the neighbours helped me to remove the furniture and boxes from the garage. He was incredibly kind to help but this leads me onto the point that we do not only learn from bad experiences but also from positive ones as well. This kind soul came at the right time and there are people in life who genuinely care and want to assist where possible.


I believe we also meet people who pave certain pathways for us in life. My sister for example, came out of a relationship with someone who I know was not her destiny but he played a significant part in her moving away and exploring something new about herself.

I met one of my very close friends earlier this year and through spending time with her, I have got to know that we are both going through incredible life changing events at the moment. I feel that we both met each other for a reason, because we both have become a great support to each other. Much of this year has been quite difficult and knowing that I could relate to her was a blessing and I owe this to her. Thank you for being amazing!


I am on my way to meet with this lovely lady, who has been equally as helpful. Last year, my health wasn’t particularly great and I ended up having two operations only a couple of months apart from each other. I encountered some major hiccups with the health insurance, which made it almost impossible in standing a chance of having either one of the ops. This lady took on my case and made it possible for me to be covered. This was absolutely exhausting and I think she will probably agree with me. The second op I had last year was life changing and I am so glad that I had this done. I would like to draw in the fact that the events and the people we meet are some of the best experiences we could ever have.


Last night at the hostel, I spoke with these two friendly people and we actually spoke about this topic. The girl mentioned that she had a life changing event where she came out of a relationship and left town in order to experience change. Think about it this way; would you be where you are now if you hadn’t made those decisions or be placed in a situation where you have to make a choice of what is right for you?

I have some good advice. Instead of looking back and thinking; ‘oh gosh why did I associate myself with these people?’, rearrange your mind with; ‘this person taught me this and I can take this away into my next set of adventures’. Whatever the experience, link what the life lesson is and you will see how much better off you really are.


By Caroline Peart

(All rights reserved)

Image source: i.ytimg.com





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