In With The New And Out With The Old!


Good morning from the Northern Hemisphere. Wishing you all a wonderful New year.

I found myself wishing a Happy New Year to many people across different parts of the globe on the 31st Dec.

It has been my first New Year in Europe for 9 years so it was a rather memorable experience.

Alas, this is my first piece of 2017. I have had a bit of writer’s block so I have been unable to write for a while. Remember some of the very best writers experienced writer’s block. Shakespeare had an unfortunate bout of writer’s block before he wrote Romeo and Juliet. I am definitely not on par with Shakespeare, but I am sure you can relate to this one way or another. When I told a friend of mine about this, she said, ‘oh this must be because it’s the festive season’. I laughed and thought maybe this is partially true? Truth be told, I have been feeling a bit down and lacked the creativity to write. I guess we all go through this at times.

On New Year’s Eve just before the clock struck midnight, I have been asked or asked others what they are looking forward to in 2017? Many replied with, ‘a more positive, peaceful, successful and exciting year!’ To be honest, each year can only get better, not worse.

How was 2016 for you? 2016 was the ultimate turning point for me, the word “change” came across my mind countless amounts of times. I had been stuck for so long that I finally took the necessary steps to welcome the changes in my life. Starting to write has helped me immensely. Writing down your thoughts and feelings and reading them back to yourself is very beneficial towards your own self-growth. My brother suggested to me that I purchase a journal and write down how I am feeling each day. This could also work for you too.

Have you made any changes already on the 1st January 2017?

I made some notable changes and ones I had thought about before we ventured into 2017. I always wondered what the old name for my company Lemon Tree Services meant to me and what it signifies to others? Many people actually wondered why I chose the name and thought possibly I was offering something related to gardening or something else totally unrelated. My dad said it sounded like a landscape gardening company! After much thought, I realised that I didn’t think it was personable enough for me and does not pinpoint what I am trying to achieve. I realised that I am aiming to help others get to know themselves and become more self- aware. So I decided on, “Power of Self Discovery”. May 2017 be your year of discovering yourself!

A New Year comes with the opportunity to start again and turn over a new page.

We tend to rehash on past times instead of letting go and moving on. Now is your time to clean your slate and embrace what the year may have in-store for you!

Here are some of the best possible ways to look forward to this New Year:

Finding what makes you happy

I know for many of you that this may sound like a cliché but this has a lot of truth. We all tend to stick with something for the sake of it. Make this your year when you finally embark on a journey of self- fulfilment. A good start is to list all of your interests to see how you can put them into practice. It may be that you enjoy what you are doing but you wish to be in different surroundings. This could involve you moving to a different country for your work. A New Year should be the time where you really enjoy what you are doing and it is no longer a struggle to do so.

Appreciating ones in your life

Since 2016 has been a year where we have gone on various walks of life, what have they taught us? We have all learnt something valuable about ourselves. I know I have become more appreciative of the people I have gotten to know. Give the ones close to you a big hug and tell them how much you appreciate them. Sometimes it’s important to thank the ones in your life and show how they are of value to you.

Look forward to the positive

A new year equals new beginnings and a fresh perspective. This is a perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Direct your energies into activities and align yourself with people who bring out the best in you. If something does not sit right then draw the line straight away. Now is the time to save yourself the unnecessary pain.

Declutter your life

This could range from rearranging your priorities down to your home life. It is never too late to start. You could be throwing out old clothes or papers. We hold on to things which are of sentimental value to us. Actually doing a spring clean is of great value to your own wellbeing.


The following tips above will help you on your way to starting off 2017 in a positive and motivating direction.


By Caroline Peart

(All rights reserved)


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