How Music Changes the Way You Move Forward in Life

Have you ever listened to the « Eye of the tiger » song where you felt like you needed strength? I know I do it whenever I need strength and motivation. Like, when I am going to a job interview and I need to feel ready, or when I am entering some kind of competition with my friends and I really want to win. That’s the fun thing about music: it can give you the strength whenever you need to accomplish your goals. Or, rather: it reveals the inner strength that you did not know you ever had.


But how come just a few chords can change the way you think, or the way you act? Growing up in a family of musicians, my home was always filled with music, be my dad playing the guitar or just albums playing on the record machine. Very early on, I got used to picking albums in my dad’s gigantic collection and playing them in my room. My memories of a warm home rhymes with memories of a home filled with music and laughter. Music can bring happiness in your day and shine on your life like a small sun.

Listening to music when working

I kept this habit growing up. In the summer, I would always be the one bringing my guitar (or my ukulele as it’s easier to transport) to picnics and gatherings, and playing sing-along songs for everybody to sing too. This is another thing about music: it brings people together.

But then, why would we listen to angry or sad music? It is like that scene in the movies when the girl looks outside the car window with her earplugs in and sad music on. Sometimes, I want to do the same: somehow, when I feel bad, it makes me feel better to hear songs about people who feel bad too. I feel like they sympathize with me. And when I am angry, well, listening to a good old hard rock band always helps me wear all the anger out! Music has the cathartic power to help you express and release your feelings.


So to me, all these are the reasons why listening to music could change the way you move forward in life.

  • Music can give you the strength and courage you need to reach your goals.
  • It can make you feel happy and peaceful, and fill your home with warmth.
  • Music also brings people together, like when people sing along to the same song, play in the same band or sing in the same choir.
  • Music helps you express your feelings, and in the end, makes you feel better.

This is why I think music is the best therapy. You should listen to music which compliments your mood and listen to music that makes you feel strong, and fill your home with the songs you appreciate. And most importantly, you should share it with your family and friends, and make it something that brings you closer together. But still do not forget to appreciate the little moments of blissful silence in life.

As a bonus for you, one of my happy songs:

Written by © Maureen Kwan 2017 (All rights reserved)


One thought on “How Music Changes the Way You Move Forward in Life

  1. When I’m working on something it helps my productivity to have some music on. Oddly enough, it cant have lyrics or at least lyrics in a language I understand because then I get distracted. haha


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