3 Reasons Why Most Men Fear Long-Term Relationships (Part 1 of 3)

If you’re a male and you’re reading this, you probably think it’s quite an achievement to go out and get a few numbers, maybe a hookup, and even better… Take a girl home that night. In some cases, society almost congratulates us for being able to spend one night with someone, but looks down on us when we get into a long term relationship? Why does it seem men are afraid of relationships and commitment? Let’s get into it.

Not Everyone Is Meant To Be In A Relationship


First, let’s understand that not everyone is always meant to be in a relationship. There are times when you get out of a relationship and sometimes you may just meet someone to fulfill your needs for that time period. Completely understandable. There also maybe other factors where you both may have great sexual attraction, but little emotional connection. In some cases, you can’t do anything to stop that.

But the problem lies in where men will have the emotional and sexual attraction there to go into a relationship, but you don’t want to enter a relationship because you feel something is holding you back. What is that feeling and what does it mean? Let’s talk about it.

Why Some Men Fear Relationships


Usually when someone doesn’t want to get into a relationship, they will often make up excuses like they’re “emotionally unavailable” or they’re “not ready”. We’ve all heard it, right? But what is the truth? The truth is often that men are just as afraid to get hurt as women are, that’s right. But often the case is because they’re avoiding pain and rejection.

Now as a man reading this, you will probably automatically deny it on a subconscious level. But let’s be honest. Being in a never ending cycle of sleeping with people is simply a great injection of endorphines at first. After a while it turns you into an emotional junkie that can only get some temporary happiness for a few days until you need another hit. At the end of the day after you’ve been with someone, that same pain keeps coming back.

Let’s Admit It


As guys, we’ve all met a person that we’ve become intimate with. In fact, we actually started to like being around them. We start texting them more and before you know it you have a great connection. But then that fear rises for a moment, and you think “Do I like her”? Is this going to get… serious? Will this mean I will have to be with her? Text her all the time? All of these questions can sometimes rise to the surface.

The problem is that people see relationships as a chore, not a connection between two people. It’s an experience to be shared. Relationships can be as fun, if not more fun than one-nighters because you get to spend more time with someone you like, right?

A relationship doesn’t mean marriage. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to have kids either. Don’t overwhelm yourself with these crazy thoughts of what you will be like together in 20 years time. You can talk about it with the person you’re seeing and try things out for a few months. You can take it slowly. This doesn’t have to be anything permanent. One step at a time.

What We Will Be Covering Next Time In Part 2

Don’t forget to check out Part 2 of this upcoming series! We will be going over why some men have fear of relationships on an emotional level. We will also be covering Insecurity, Denial, Fear and how to become self-aware of where and why you may have trouble getting into a relationship.

Author: © Mark Mayhew 2017 (All rights reserved)


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