10 Life Mistakes That Can Make You Discover Yourself

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” Salvador Dalí, the genius painter, had a great sense of humour, but above all a huge self-confidence and self-esteem. Maybe too much? Probably. But, at least, he was able to express himself with total freedom through his art, and kept working without any limits. He made mistakes, but went each time deeper and deeper into his personality and who he really was. Making mistakes, and not aiming for perfection can make you discover yourself and progress. How? Here are 10 Life Mistakes that will help you.

Acting too fast


You act too fast? When you have something in mind and act right away, without thinking of the consequences or just simply because you really want a fast result, you face side effects you didn’t even think about. Then you realize that taking your time can be more efficient that taking actions too fast! Who never experienced it? Obviously, this mistake is very common, but that’s one of the best ways to gain experience, and to make you think more about why and how to achieve something with the means you have.

Acting way beyond your limits


Have you ever drank too much? Eaten too much? Or worked too much (without reaching burn-out but being close enough…)? Of course, the answer is yes. And for most of us. But having experienced the feeling of not being able to go further is one of the best ways to know ourselves.

Choosing bad friends


Being disappointed or betrayed by a friend, or a partner is one of the worst feelings on earth… Unfortunately, it happens, and make us stronger. Why? It helps us to be able to protect ourselves, to be less vulnerable or even naive. There is something that might be a bit sad in it – but it’s not as long as it doesn’t prevent you to open up again. More carefully of course.

Spending an extravagant amount of money on something extremely unnecessary.
Your bank account was already crying, why did you buy this pink dress very similar to the 4 other pink dresses you already have? Well, if it makes you happy, there is no mistake 🙂

Not listening to yourself


Not listening to your body and soul has obviously bad effects on you. From being tired and sad, to being alone and depressed. Sometimes, having a strong goal and wanting to achieve it makes us forget what’s the most important. It is a very serious mistake to forget it. But when it happens once, it never happen twice. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Waiting for things to happen


Unfortunately, it’s hard to take risks. Instead of taking actions, it’s often more comfortable to wait for things to happen. Right. However, it’s a mistake, and you will realize it very quickly. For things to change and happen, the best solution is to make them change and happen! This mistake will make you discover about yourself what you can stand or not, for how long, but also what you can compromise on, or not.

Doing or saying something really stupid


Some mistakes are avoidable. Speaking too fast, say or do stupid things happen. It’s a good lesson as long as you know how to apologize, question yourself, and not repeat it too often.

Failing an exam or a professional step in your career


This is one of the most difficult experiences to live and at any age. It’s, of course, not a mistake, but maybe the result of many little ones! Eventually, this helps to learn and evaluate. Is it THAT important?

Making mistakes makes you ask yourselves good questions, like how you can be better, how to reach your goals, avoid hurting people, and yourself in the future. You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, as it is one of the best ways to progress and make you discover yourself. Never forget that when we make mistakes, we grow. Create happiness by seeing mistakes as true growth opportunities.

Author: © Jennifer Elias 2017 (All rights reserved)


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