5 Ways To Become Less Egocentric

Here’s a question for you. Have you ever had a voice in the back of your head saying that you’re not good enough? Maybe that voice has told you that you just aren’t attractive enough to ask that person out you want. What we’re going to cover here is 5 ways on how you can be less egocentric and train the ego to control your emotions in everyday life.

You’re Not Good Enough


This is the voice that your ego whispers in your ear, every time you want to do something that maybe out of your comfort zone in your life. That’s because when you’ve grown up, you’ve often been told by your family, peers or other loved ones that what you want to do isn’t “realistic”. That maybe you should just do something else. How you’re just not good looking enough to ask out someone that you like. All of this is your ego. Your ego is a representation of who you think you are which has been programmed into you since you were a child.

The Ego Is An Illusion


The reason why these problems come along is because we are convinced that what we think is right. This has been proven to be wrong through many forms of research and studies. These are also called “Cognitive Biases”. How your ego works is that it doesn’t matter what you believe is “right” or “wrong”, if you believe it, your brain thinks it’s true. The problem with this is that because your brain is emotionally wired, it mistakes these beliefs to be gospel.

Don’t Trust Your Brain


This may seem like counter-intuitive advice, but you should never completely rely on what you think and believe. Your brain is an amazing tool. The problem with it, is like a computer, whatever information you feed is what you will believe. This is why people who have depression or low self-esteem often have thoughts of negative reinforcement.

And why people that are generally more positive and happy are always using positive reinforcement. Your brain is simply a reflection of your subconscious beliefs. The great thing is that you have the power to change those beliefs at any time and at any point in your life.

Training The Ego


One of the reasons why the ego is so fragile is because we become dependent on just wanting to experience what we want. So when we don’t get our own way, our ego gets offended. Training the ego is the gradual process of letting go of absolute views such as “good” and “bad”.
This process trains you to let go of external validation and situations that you cannot control. Over a period of time, this trains you to be more peaceful in all situations in life, giving you this feeling of being the “calm within the storm”. This is also achieved by mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis.

Let It Go

Ultimately, the power become happy and fulfilled is the ability to be aware, yet detached emotionally to circumstances that you cannot control. This happens by slowly desensitising your emotions in a healthy way that gives you a sense of peace and tranquility in all situations. The best way to silence ego, is to start learning to live in the moment.

Author: © Mark Mayhew 2017 (All rights reserved)


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