Things to Do When You Feel Like You Can't Have Another Go

Things to Do When You Feel Like You Can’t Have Another Go

Waking up in the morning and feeling like staying in bed all day instead of going to work. Breaking-up. Again. Knowing that you won’t have vacations in a long time and it’s only the beginning of winter… Some things stop our daily motivation and can even make us feel like we can’t have another go. How to avoid it?

1. Have a break!


You can’t always be on the top of things, you can’t always be the best at work, the leader of your family or your friends, the most smiley people of the day! You don’t have to have another go right now and it’s ok. If you can’t it means it’s just not time for it. Just realize that sometimes you can allow yourself to be less motivated, think of yourself first! This is important and this is key, listen to yourself and take your time. Once you have gained energy, it will be time to take action again 🙂

2. Stop Going to Facebook


Addicted to your newsfeed? Seeing your ‘’friends’’ happy, smiling in great landscapes makes you a bit jealous, right? A study from the Michigan University from August 2013 highlights a correlation between how long you spend on the social network and feelings of dissatisfaction, loneliness and isolation. So stay disconnected!

3. Keep control at work


This is not how much work we have that can cause depressions and burnout in your jobs but the feeling of being treated in an unfair way by your boss. However, if the tasks you are working on are indeed too intensive and you don’t see how it will end, you should think of leaving.

4. Stop eating junk food


Many studies show how fat food goes with depression. Conclusion: less burgers!

5. Stop over-thinking on your decisions


The more you question your choices, the sadder you are. Indeed, you will never have the chance to check what decision was the best, and this is true on any field. But, if you imagine all the time all the other options than the one you have chosen, instead of living the moment and taking responsibility for your choices, you will just create stress and insecurities on the long term.

6. Listen to yourself


And that’s the most important thing. Some people will be able to have another go with the help of their friends, family, or because they do sport every day etc. Finally, keep in mind that sometimes, the best advice will be: ‘’don’t listen to advice’’.

As a conclusion, the first and bigger step here is to decided to have another go. The rest is just about timing and building self-strength and awareness. And remember: ‘’The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.’’ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Author: © Jennifer Elias 2017 (All rights reserved)


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