How to Overcome Discouragement and Soar High

“In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing”. Vincent Van Gogh managed to sell only one painting during his lifetime. However, he painted more than a thousand pieces. Who can represent courage and strong will better than Van Gogh? People, society can easily cause discouragement. Trends, competition, excess of everything. Today, it’s very hard to feel motivated all the time because of so many factors. The secret to overcome discouragement is to be 100% self-confident and not care about external events or people. How?

Accept discouragement and get rid of it!


Accept it and win. This is a very simple rule that must be applied in your everyday life. Psychologists say that the time of the day when we are the most discouraged is the morning. These are moments when we feel empty, and strength-less, without motivation to go out of bed. But we shouldn’t let this feeling win. Here are some keys to overcome it:

  • When you wake up in the morning and feel that way, accept it and be aware that you are not ok. Accept that something is bothering you. Now, are you going to win or lose?
  • You need to remember that the last thing to do in this kind of situation is to be stucked with negative thoughts.
  • Discouragement can be overcome, little by little, with everyday successes, like going out of bed, take care of yourself, choose nice clothes, admit that you are worth more than this sadness and that life is not made to be down.
  • Breathe.

Find your passion in your everyday life


Whatever if the weather outside is bad, if you are tired or not, if you are not with the one you love anymore, this is the time to find new passions in your life and to start new projects.

  • When you wake up, think of something that you would be happy to do today.
  • For example: go outside to a park, do shopping, call that friend that you haven’t seen for ages, try a new haircut, or go to this class you’ve always wanted to.
  • All the changes that you will do today will be a stone to build your happiness of tomorrow.

The importance of taking it easy


You know what we want to speak about when we say to ‘’take it easy’’. Everybody live cycles, and steps. There are times in life when we are attached to certain people, then we get further more and more, and start a new cycle. Some don’t manage to deal with exams to pass, a break-up, lose somebody, move out, change job. But life is made of changes and we have to undertake them. Everybody must be able to take it easy, and look forward, even if it’s hard. It is painful to to separate from somebody we love, and complicated to leave behind us happy memories in order to live the present. How to do that with courage? You need passion, self-confident, faith. Don’t let yourself overthinking about the past.

Love yourself

Discouragement can become very dangerous if you don’t react, if you close yourself, if you don’t talk to anybody. Avoid that situation and make all the efforts to win this feeling. Be aware that you deserve to be happy. Find yourself new projects, and discover in yourself all the things you have always dreams to do. A trip alone? A job in another city? To live is to take risks and take responsibility for our choices. You can do it!

Author: © Jennifer Elias 2017 (All rights reserved)


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