Things to Do If You Are Struggling to Find Your Passion

‘’With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion’’. What Edgar Allan Poe meant here is that he didn’t see writing poetry as a purpose in life in the sense where it was not a work for him, and nobody asked him to do so. Writing just came from him, without any external pressure. A passion is an extreme interest, a powerful feeling in or wish for doing something. In that sense, it can just be individual. Some people have obvious passions – which is not to confuse with talent – as music, sport, painting, or writing for example. Some people have no obvious passion or haven’t found it yet. It’s fine, unless the person feels that there is a need not fulfilled. Here are a few tips to help you find your passion:

Try new things and  Follow Your Curiosity!


Learn Judo, play tennis, paint street sketches, do photography… and rugby, cooking, pole dance! try everything you can! You might find an interested by trying things. What is Mozart had never tried to play an instrument? What is Van Gogh had never touched a brush? 🙂



Sometime, if you are seeking for something, the best idea is not to think of it too much. Indeed, it shouldn’t become an obsession because this would lead to a negative state of mind. Have a break. Think of yourself, travel, travel alone to find yourself. Travels are one of the best ways to disconnect, to find a new perception of things and come back home much more creative.

Stay positive


I know, easy to say. But you have to stay open minded and ready in order to find a passion. Maybe it won’t be what you expect at all! So be ready to be surprised 🙂 Timing is also important. That’s why you have to try and try again.

Do some research and make lists!


Do you know what you really want? Do some research to really land on something that would make you happy. What do you enjoy spending your time on? You have to do a work of personal brainstorming. Make plenty of lists of what you know you like, and what you know you don’t like, this is a very important step! You can also speak to people, your friends, your colleagues, your family. Sometimes, people surprise you with creative ideas.

Have a mentor


A Great Mentor Is a Difference-Maker. The long-term impact of mentoring can be life and career changing. A mentor can challenge you; encourage you to think through issues and approaches with painfully difficult to answer questions, and serve as a source of wisdom when you need it the most.

A passion is not a hobby, it’s much more than that. It’s not something you enjoy when you have nothing else to do, but something that you will discover you can’t live without. That’s why it is so important to have enough time to discover yourself and what you really aim at. That’s why you should always remember to think of yourself everyday, even if you work so hard and the weeks pass so fast.

Author: © Jennifer Elias 2017 (All rights reserved)


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