6 Reasons Why You Should Start Being Creative

Does the term “Post-Work Society” mean anything to you?!

Basically we are slowly experiencing a Post-Work Society where the old Industrial Age of getting and working a 9-5 job is becoming slowly obsolete. Job security is not what it used to be and the old Industrial Age model of work is being replaced more and more by an Information Age of start- ups and creative opportunities.

Why get creative?


For many of us, we have not been exposed to day to day exercises which allow us to use our creativity. Due to the nature of our jobs, this remains dormant in us. Since we are going through this slow and monumental change. why not start thinking of ways in which you can generate this creativity and contribute to our society?

Just so you know, creativity isn’t just limited to art and music. It’s also a way of life.

Exercising the creative muscle


You are probably thinking, am I making this up? Well not exactly. In order to be creative, you need to train yourself to start thinking in a certain way. A good way to start would be to write down several ideas a day. A famous blogger, James Altucher, encourages this concept and says that this is a great way to develop creative thinking. Look at it this way, you are wanting to build muscles, but you don’t have enough strength. Well this is not much different.

It’s good for the soul

Our souls become degenerate when we are subjected to a certain way of life. For many people having been stuck in one profession for a considerable amount of time, this would most likely repress their souls. Becoming creative will breathe some fresh air into your soul.

New opportunities

Developing skills in a creative space, which help you towards reaching out for new opportunities. In fact, in areas you may not have thought of.

Writing down how you feel and learning how to express yourself


Get yourself a moleskine notepad and write down each day how you are feeling and read it back to yourself. Being able to express yourself, is crucial towards becoming creative. At the beginning I found it difficult to express myself properly but after having tried this, I gathered the confidence to be able to speak up.

Reading relevant literature

To widen your horizons within the creative sphere, it would be very beneficial to read different genres of literature. Some of the best creative artists out there encourage others to read to strengthen their all-round knowledge.

Making use of your free time

Instead of being the first at the pub with your friends, think about what else you could do to develop your skills? It could be worth developing a little project on the side. You have no idea what opportunities could come out of it.

If you follow the above, you will be well on your way to developing a creative way of life. Do note that this is a process in which things do not just happen overnight. You should know that if you accustom yourself, it will help you considerably to survive in the future.

© Caroline Peart 2017


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