Untapped Creativity is an educational, development and consultancy service which aims to tap into the unused creativity in others needed to be successful in the future

Untapped Creativity was founded by Caroline and Nick Peart in order to help people smoothly transition through exponential technological shifts and changes by empowering them and enabling them to take more control of their lives by becoming more adaptable, flexible and open to surviving any future challenges

We are on our way, albeit slowly, to experiencing a Post-Work society where the old Industrial Age model of getting and working a 9-5 job is becoming slowly obsolete. Job security, for example, is not what it used to be. The old Industrial Age model of work is more and more being replaced by our current Information Age model which is full of start -ups and other related creative opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence will automate eventually almost everything. Sooner or later, we will have a global dilemma, where billions of people run the risk of being abruptly left behind due to these technological changes. Now will be the time to find a way to prevent such a scenario and find ways around it to empower them to tap into their creativity and the great potential within them.

There is software already in existence which is replacing people’s jobs and this places many in a precarious position. The scary thought is many of us have only focused on one occupation instead of furthering our skills in other areas, especially in those that are in line with our creative interests and passions with the added bonus of benefiting society in a meaningful and hopeful way. I have always been told and encouraged to not only focus on one area in my life but to develop skills in as many areas as possible. You have to become so good that no one can replace you! The more you develop yourself, the more options there will be available to you. The invention of the first electronic calculator in the 1960s, for example, already demonstrated how likely people were to lose their jobs due to automation. The fact is that this transition is happening quicker than we anticipated.

It is now time to start thinking about how you can contribute to this new society.


Caroline Peart

23rd February 2017