Caroline Peart is excellent as a career advisor – from helping with informational reviews, to resume tips, to networking and interview help. However, what she added above and beyond that skill set, was empathy, patience and understanding for my situation. I was not given a generic advice but rather she was able to read my personality and make suggestions I was comfortable with, in a time frame that worked for me.

After a lot of failures, I ultimately landed a job at a great engineering company and NONE of this would have been possible without Caroline’s initial patience and guidance. In fact, it was the initial drills that helped me sort out what type of job would work better for me and which allowed me to breeze through the lengthy interview process. I can highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an expert in the career guidance and coaching field.

Irfan, Sydney

Caroline and I have met and consulted several times and every time we’ve met, I felt I was making progress and a real breakthrough, she helped me to identify new areas & job opportunities which I thought impossible and inaccessible then.

She provided me with new outlook and courage to go for more creative & satisfying jobs. As a result, I have landed an internship in the music industry. My life has moved on from there in a direction which I have always wanted it to go. I am extremely grateful to Caroline for helping me to achieve that goal.

Alberto, Sydney

Since graduating university, I felt it was time for a change as I had been in hospitality for many years and I reached out to Caroline to help me redesign my CV. With her knowledge & expertise, she was able to tailor my CV in such a way which would attract not only small businesses but also corporate. During our consultations, she would run through different career pathways & job search techniques with me. Her advice would be specifically adapted to my needs. If you are looking to make a career break, contact Caroline now!

Louis, Sydney

I have always desired to work within the financial sector and struggled to enter the industry. However, meeting Caroline she has turned this goal into reality. She reviewed my CV and immediately identified what needs to be done and made some valuable networking suggestions. Caroline reminded me of contacts which I had neglected previously and ones I should re-connect with. After the consultation, I walked away feeling so positive & motivated and ready to move on with my life. Without Caroline’s inspiration, I would not have been able to achieve my goals. I successfully achieved a position at a financial planning firm which I am still very much enjoying to this day.

Bahija, Sydney

I met with Caroline to design a professional CV as my dream has always been to work within the arts & cultural industry. I am originally from Italy and qualified in Linguistics. When I graduated from university, I left immediately for Australia and worked within hospitality. However, my life got to the point where I realised that time is running out and I needed to search for something more substantial which would enable me to live the life I want to lead. Caroline and I discussed which places would be the best for me opportunity wise. We came to the conclusion that Europe would be a better option for me to pursue my goals. She inspired me to focus and do all the necessary groundwork towards achieving this goal. Her motivational techniques were exactly what I was looking for. In my case, I felt that the lack of drive and determination were easily corrected within the presence of Caroline’s guidance. I highly recommend her services!

Silvia, Sydney/Italy

I approached Caroline when I was really in a time of need! I felt that my life had come to an absolute standstill. My personal life was in tatters and I had no idea where I stood in regards to my working life. Caroline consulted me via skype and talked me through a number of strategies towards building up my life again. She identified quite quickly the parts of me which had caused me to derail and made very some helpful suggestions in order to improve my quality of life. Since this consultation, my overview of life has improved for the better. I managed to get the job I was after and I also found the courage to move on with my personal life! I highly recommend her service to anyone who is struggling with life in general!

Stephanie, Mauritius

When I first met with Caroline, I could immediately feel that she really understood me and my needs, at that time, I was really keen to expand my skills however, felt a little afraid to do so. Caroline was able to disperse my fear and motivate me to head for my true goals. By adapting my CV accordingly, she created the first stepping stone towards it. With her help, I have managed to obtain several opportunities which were much more appealing than the ones in the past. No matter how busy, Caroline always found time to listen and guide me on my path to a much better future. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who seems to be struggling to find the right job!

Zuzana, Sydney